Industrial Video Systems

In business processes, when you see something surprising, you need to understand it and find ways to improve it. That’s “lean”, “continuous improvement”, “process redesign”, and many similar terms.
FluidProjects believes that video technology can play a much larger role in those efforts.
Video for Operations demands a new type of video capture and processing capability. It won’t resemble a TV studio or a film production set. It will happen in an ordinary office, factory or lab. Current staff will be the “stars” and it will focus on industrial and business processes, not “entertainment”. The system may look something like this:

Things Video Can Do:

  • Analyze operations
  • Look back into time
  • See things in slow motion
  • See a distant realit
  • Communicate language and culture
  • Show rich soft skills
  • Give remote virtual tours of facilities
  • Capture fine variations in skills
  • Visualize process variations
  • Give customers better support
  • etc.

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FluidProjects can help you build your own system with off-the-shelf tools and software. We can teach you the processes and procedures to make the system work quickly and reliably, and we can help you apply your new system to emerging business, operational and engineering problems.